Anthony Cruz converted to Rastafari Religion

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anthony-cruz-ep-cruzing.jpgReggae singer Anthony Cruz is now following in the footsteps of his late uncle Garnet Silk by embracing the Rastafari faith.

For Cruz it is a natural progression after "doing some inner searchings and wanting to set out on a new path".

For detractors who might want to think he is doing it "as a means to push his career" he quickly shot down that notion.

"I have been around Rastafarians all my life - my uncle, Fifth Element and I never saw the need, it is just the right time now," said the artiste who said he came under conviction after some deep soul searching. He feels now is the right time to embrace Rastafari.

For the singer nothing much will change in his music as he said his songs have always been "girls tune" and songs anyone can listen to. He will, however, be adding some socially conscious ones to the mix as he takes up his social responsibility as an artiste.

Born Rowan Smith, Anthony Cruz grew up in Mandeville. A past student of Holmwood Technical High school made his entrance on the reggae stage in the early 90s with an original single entitled Tell Me What's Up produced by Willie Lindo. He soon followed up with other recordings such as Just Call My Name, When You Get Lonely and Love Will Never all from the same producer.

Now sprouting his locks and a new way of life Anthony Cruz is currently promoting songs such as Money Worries, A Pound A Day, Another Lonely Day and Mother And Daughter, which can be found on his new Tads Records EP, Cruzing.