Spice fi stop tek her man, Nicholas, mek poppyshow

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spice-nicholas-son.jpgWhy Spice love use her man Nicholas fi grab attention so? We tiad a it now. In January last year, Spice said the relationship was over after she did claim how poor Nicholas posted suggestive pictures with she and man on Instagram."Mi nuh know if we will get back together, but for now, it's over. Mi still inna shock and mi still disappointed. Mi neva think that necessary 'cause him know seh a mi work mi a do...After work, mi go back to Grace Hamilton. Him know him nuh have nutten fi worry bout. Mi nah cheat pon him and I am a very loyal person, so mi nuh know weh him a get jealous fa."

But mout did say that a Spice did post the picture fi stir up controversy and grab media attention.

So here is Spice using Nicholas again and grabbing a front page headline: "My man did not cheat - says Spice"

According to the story: Dancehall artiste Spice has rubbished claims made by some of her social media followers that her financé, Nicholas, has been cheating with one of her Japanese female dancers. According to Spice, the rumours all started after she decided to post a teaser photo from her upcoming video for the song Needle Eye.

"People are even teasing the girl, saying she is dating Spice man, but I want the people to know that the photo is directly taken from the video shoot. So leave the girl alone, because she and my man were only playing a role," she is quoted as saying.

The sometimes controversial deejay also denied fuelling the rumours deliberately. She says her only intention was to tease her fans with scenes from her video.

"I put up the photo to tease fans leading up to the video. My fans, however, took it out of context. I heard that the girl was recently provoked at a party, and I just want people to leave her alone because it was just for the video," she said.