Sparkles to launch 'silent disco'

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Sparkles Productions, One of Jamaica's largest and loudest sound/PA providers, is about to launch a 'silent disco'. The experience begins with entering a venue and hearing the deafening sound of silence. No music, no earth-shaking vibrations, no sound pollution. Only the discreet conversations between humans can be heard. Each patron or guest receives a set of high-quality headphones as they enter the venue and the party begins. The headphones are equipped with channel selection for different music source and volume control. The concept involves the transmission of sound to each individual headphone in high fidelity, using the most advanced technology in audio engineering.

Conversation can be achieved by just removing the headphone - not shouting over the music to get your message across.

Society and entertainment can now exist in harmony, literally side by side, with positive results all around.

Sparkles Productions is a full-service high-quality event production company that offers everything for corporate, private and public events, weddings, conferences, parties and concerts.