RAY!!!! Brap! Brap! Brap! PJ the 'maximum leader' disciplines David Cameron good and proper!

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pj-patterson.jpgThis is why we haffi love Percival Noel James "PJ" Patterson,ON, PC, QC, OE.

The man tek pen to paper and write a open letter to British PM David Cameron properly chastising Cameron bout him a refuse fi apologise fi slavery. Cameron neva know a who name PJ? It did tink sey a Sista P ongle him did haffi deal wid? Well, Missa CAmeron, if yuh neva did do yuh homework, know this. We former PM is a QC (that means Queen's Counsel) a high ranking member of the legal fraternity. PJ a nun nuh lickle squabs squabs. PJ neva put him genital inna dead pig mout, like the British media teased you about Mr Cameron, after a book was released saying that you, Mr Cameron did just that. And yuh see like how we not even eat pork and doan even go near dem debbil meat deh. Cho!!!!

Anyway, low Cameron and him 'Pigsgate', right now we just love how PJ diss up Cameron inna the nicest way. Bare intelligence and facts PJ use pon Cameron when him a chasten him.Just like when principal a discipline outta order pickney.

PJ just tell it like it is. So wah, we a nuh smaddy to? Britain apologise to everybody else fi all kind of atrocity, but him nah apologise fi slavery. Bout we must Move on because that was a long time ago".

We a beg oonu fi read PJ Letter below.