Former Miss Jamaica Universe had a secret relationship with Usain Bolt

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april-jackson-and-bolt.jpgApril Jackson 26, or Miss Jamaica Universe 2008 reportedly had a secret relationship with the world's fastest man Usain Bolt.

Jackson and Bolt 29, are said to have dated back in 2013 after meeting through a mutual friend.

"They were introduced in 2012 but it wasn't until the following year they got closer and started to date," a friend told popular UK tabloid The Sun.

"It was more than a fling and they developed feelings for each other. It was tricky because of Usain's busy schedule.Whenever he was in London they enjoyed going to clubs and having fun," the source reportedly told the Sun.

The pair reportedly ended their relationship because of Bolt's busy schedule.

Apirl Jackson represented Jamaica at the 2008 Miss Universe pageant in Nha Trang, Vietnam. She now owns her own boutique in the UK where she resides.

She is also a competitor on this season of The Apprentice, a popular UK reality show aired on BBC 1 in which a group of aspiring businessmen and women compete for the chance to win a L250,000 investment from British business magnate, Alan Sugar.

During her audition, Jackson made it clear that she has what it takes to win this season of The Apprentice.

"I'm Jamaican. We come first, we win on the track and we will win in the boardroom," Jackson said.