FIRED! White man posts selfie with his black co-worker's son on Facebook with racist caption

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racist-white-man-little-black-boy.jpgA white US marketing whizz was fired after posting selfie with the son of his black co-worker on Facebook with 'hurtful, racist' caption calling the little boy his 'slave' - and his friends just joined in the abuse

Gerod Roth, who goes by Geris Hilton on Facebook, posted the photo to Facebook (left) and wrote hurtful and bigoted comments with his friends that referred to the little boy that was pictured as 'starving' and 'feral', among other things. After the photo went viral, Roth was fired from Polaris Marketing Group in Altanta, who described his behavior as disgusting and slanderous. Roth's colleague Sydney then came forward identifying her son as Cayden Jace (together-right), and said they are 'above this nonsense'.