Buju Banton juror found guilty of misconduct

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buju-banton-photo-8.jpgFox news is reporting that a federal juror in the trial of Reggae music star Buju Banton has been found guilty of misconduct.

Terri Wright was today sentenced to five months of probation and 40 hours of community service.

Judge James S. Moody has reportedly assigned her to write a research paper on how much a six-day trial costs taxpayers and the impact juror misconduct has on the system.

In 2011, Wright was part of a federal jury in Tampa that found Banton guilty of drug conspiracy and firearms charges.

The same judge who sentenced Banton to 10 years in prison told Wright today that she willfully violated his order not to research the case.

The allegation that Wright had researched the case first came to light following the trial, when she was interviewed by a newspaper reporter.

Wright told the reporter that when testimony ended each day, she returned to her car, wrote down notes to keep things fresh in her mind, then went home and researched the case.

An audio recording of that interview was played in court.