'Blood Moon' is Mavado's response to Kartel's 'Which League'

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mavado-photo-12.jpgFor weeks many dancehall supporters have speculated if the Gully/Gaza war has been reignited.

In the song "Hide and Seek", the Gully Gad seemed to subliminally diss Vybz Kartel. The song is produced by Studio Vibes Entertainment who also produced Vybz Kartel's "Who trick him" on the hard-hitting Pandora Riddim. In the 1st verse of his song, Mavado says:

"Mi thing a knock a pu**y better stay down
The place hotter than the devil play ground
Ninja kid ride out pon the bike back
Kill who fi kill, then wi kill who nuh like that

Devil or Daddy Devil is a well known moniker that ihas been used by Kartel on more than one occasions and the "Devil Play Ground" is the actual name of play-field in Waterford, Vybz Kartel's home town.

For years Kartel and Mavado and lyrical feuds, which even turn into fan warfare. It got so bad than the Jamaican government got involve. The war was later put aside for the betterment of the nation.


Early this year, we saw Vybz jumping on Mavado's "Going Back Broke" Remix. Which for such a huge collaboration, we thought there would be way more promotions behind it. It was an epic, flop. However, Alkaline, Mavado and I-Octane seem to have been parring real thick now a days, and in a song titled "Above Dem" Mavado refers to the trio as "The Family". In the song they stated they were above everyone, which may or may not include Vybz Kartel.

Over a week ago TJ Records released a brand new single from 'The World Boss' Vybz Kartel titled "Which League".

The song which seemed to be aim at Vybz's longtime rival dancehall international superstar Mavado, who in June released a song called "My League."

In the song, Kartel also threw shade and fast rising star Alkaline, who had for a link with Mavado called "The Family"

The single is already receiving a lot of reviews from dancehall music insiders and critics, some saying this is another chart topper.