Shocking moment US cops shoot and kill wheelchair-bound black man

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This is the shocking moment a disabled man in a wheelchair was shot dead in a street by Delaware police

Shocking moment US cops shoot and kill wheelchair-bound black man

This is the shocking moment a disabled man in a wheelchair was shot dead in the street by Delaware police.

Officers had been responding to a 911 call that someone had attempted to shoot themselves, when they arrived to find Jeremy McDole 'still armed with a handgun.'

Cops opened fire on McDole, who was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by a friend aged 18, after repeated requests for him to 'drop the gun.'

McDole's mother, Phyllis, has criticized the shooting as 'unjust' during a police news conference.

The incident, which took place in a Wilmington street, Delaware on Wednesday afternoon was caught on camera by stunned witnesses who uploaded it to You Tube.

The 1-minute-and-19-second-long clip opened with an officer, armed with a shotgun, shouting for the wheelchair-bound McDole to 'show his hands.'

A shot is fired just seconds later, before more cops move in shouting at the 28-year-old: 'Show me your hands! Drop the gun! Drop the gun!'

McDole appeared to be bleeding although the footage does not make clear if this was from the officer's first shot or if he had been previously injured in the alleged suicide attempt. His handgun is not easily identifiable in the video.

He is then seen putting his hands into his pockets at which point he in gunned down in a flurry of bullets with around ten shots fired.

McDole slumps over and falls to ground, dead. Cops said a .38-caliber handgun was recovered at the scene.

Police Chief Bobby Cummings said during a news conference that none of the officers involved 'intended to take anyone's life that day.'

He said that police had told him repeatedly to put his gun down but had 'engaged him' after he went to remove the weapon from his waist.

But Mrs McDole disputed the cops' version of events and interrupted the conference to demand answers.

'He was in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. There's video showing that he didn't pull a weapon, she said.

McDole's sister Letesha Green also criticized the cops for not attempting to use non-lethal force before opening fire.

'Why couldn't you taser this man out of his wheelchair,' she asked, reported NBC Philadelphia. 'Why couldn't you use rubber bullets to get him out of the wheelchair?'

However, Cummings said he had also viewed the video and believed the four officers involved - who have all been placed on administrative duty - acted correctly.

'The officers perceived what was a threat and they responded and they engaged,' he said, adding that only a 'thorough investigation' would reveal if they should have taken a different course of action.

Wilmington Police Department's criminal investigation and professional standards unit is now investigating the incident as is the Delaware Department of Justice's Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust which investigates all police fatal shootings.

The findings will determine whether the officers involved are to be charged.

Witnesses claim that McDole may have been trying to kill himself.