'Mi nah lef Gully Bop,' sings Chin in new single

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gully-bop-and-shauna-chin-photo-1.jpg'Gwaan chat mi cause mi nah lef Gully Bop,' sings his fiancee Shauna Chin in a new single aimed at her "ugly", "duppy bat" detractors.

The fiancée of internet sensation Gully Bop has released a new song vowing never to leave the 50 year old dancehall deejay.

Chin who has been criticized for being a gold digger who just wants "The Bop's" money, has received much love from social media with many Youtube users giving her thumbs up for the song, while others are shocked by her vocal ability.

In the track titled Can't Stop Mi released by Gully Bop's Bop Dem Records, Chin sings the lines "you ugly, nuh touch mi - duppy bat - mi nah lef Gully Bop."

And trus us when we say that she sounds really good.

Do yuh ting Miss Chin!