Kim K squeezes into her worst pregnancy outfit yet!

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kim-kardasian-horrible-outfit.jpgWhat on earth was Kim Kardasian thinking when she squeezed her pregnant belly in this too-tight, extremely hot and unflatterng leather skirt and ripped top?

While the outfit was typical of Kim's Kanye-influenced style, it did not look as well fitted as some of her other recent choices.

The mother-to-be wore a wrap around black leather skirt, over an artfully torn beige T-shirt.

A black coat was draped over her shoulders so as not to hide her outfit - a favourite pose of Kim's - while over the knee boots provided some coverage on her legs.

Comments from bloggers have expressed sheer amazement and total bemusement at her fashion choice. "It's at times like this, I really miss Joan Rivers," commented one blogger, who received over five thousand likes for the comment.

Other much appreciated comments included: "Nothing in the English language can explain this hot mess..... LMAO!!! This is her worst outfit ever. She broke her own record. That skirt? I mean... Wtf?!.... Honey, you need a new mirror and friends. Both of them are telling you that you look good and they are lying!.... She is the Witch in Snow White....If one looked closely they would probably see the baby's head popping out and gasping for air.

Kim is in New York for the city's fashion week, and has worn a series of daring outfits, including a sheer lace one to Givenchy's show on Saturday with her husband.