Human trafficking charges could be laid against Don Creary, Shaneke Williams

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don-creary-and-shaneke-williams-photo-1.jpgPolice investigators are preparing to charge former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor, Don Creary, with human trafficking and another criminal charge.

Creary's co-accused Shaneke Williams, is also expected to face human trafficking charges.

Defence lawyers, Tom Tavares-Finson and Nadine Atkinson Flowers, disclosed the new developments following Creary's appearance before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

In court Thursdday Creary was offered bail on two counts of rape.


Williams who was earlier this week offered bail is charged with aiding and abetting and sexual touching in connection with the first count of rape.

Both Williams and Creary are expected to return to court on October 16 and it is expected that the new charges will be laid against the two by that time.

Creary is likely to be charged with procuring violation of a person by administering drugs.

In the first rape case, prosecutors allege that in 2013, Creary and Williams took a 15-year-old girl to an apartment in St Mary, where she was allegedly given alcoholic beverages and sexually assaulted.

On Tuesday, Creary was charged with a second case of rape following complaints by a 19-year-old woman who has admitted that she and the former politician had a relationship.