How Gully Bop teeth fi full up a junjo when Bop doan have no teeth?

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gully-bop-and-miss-chin.jpgThe one Nuffy a chat a bag a tingz bout Gully Bop and Shauna Chin and dem affair and how Chin deh wid Bop fi him money.

Nuffy bawl out some real personal conversations and tell di werl who say whoofa teeth did have on junjo and how much colour Gully Bop teeth dem have and how anybody coulda want kiss Gully Bop.

But Nuffy, how Chin fi say Gully Bop teeth full up a junjo when Gully Bop doan have no teeth?


And why Nuffy acting like a big gal and a talk out all these personal stuff in an interview with an evening tabloid.

According to the report this is what Nuffy said: "She tell me say him have 'junjo' pon him teeth, so she nuh want him. But because she realise say she can make a money off a him, she run go start kiss him up. Gully Bop teeth have three colour - brown up a the top, yellow inna the middle and brown a the end. Which sensible woman wudda kiss a man like that?"

Nuffy added: "She come and tell me say him impotent, say him sum'n caan lift up. She say it big, but it dead. A me haffi show her which pill fi buy. A me tell her bout Viagra and Stud 100."

In her response, Chin declared: ""Nuffy a gwaan like him inna bed wid me when me and Bop a dweet. Nuffy too lie. A publicity him a look. Stop worry bout me and Bop relationship because we nah worry bout you. Nuffy is the one hooked on sex pills, not Bop."