Fabian Marley ready to buss?

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fabian-marley.jpgFabian Marley, the man who is reportedly the eldest son of Reggae icon, Bob Marley, seems ready to make his name internationally.

Word is that the singer, who has DNA proof of being a Marley, is in studio with big-name producers and is signed to a label based in the States.

"Fabian is doing some great work, he is authentic. We are getting things together to put him in his right space, musically. Look out for him," a source told YardFlex.

Marley had stated in an interview last year that ""We nuh feel threatened by the family. We do what they ask us to do and provide them with my DNA result. It up to them if they want to provide somebody, another Marley, to match with mine. So right now, I just putting out my tunes and going ahead and promoting my music. Them can't stop me," he said.