Couple replace alcohol with 'marry-juana' at their wedding

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couple-replace-alcohol-with-marry-juana.jpgFor their recent wedding in Oregon, California-based marijuana grower John Ellege and his bride-to-be Whitney Alexander made a decision - the big day would be all about the bud, and not the beer.

Eschewing the free-for-all liquor custom - and the drunken guests that come with it - the teetotaler couple, who were married on a Christmas tree farm in West Linn, south of Portland, on August 8, instead set up a tent with an open weed bar - or 'cannibar' - complete with a 'budtender' to serve up the stash to those who cared to toke.

On the menu? A selection of 13 strands of 'marry-juana', and a very chill time.

'The tent was set well away from the rest of the reception, and facing away from the crowd to control where the smoke went,' the bride told The Huffington Post.

'There were actually guests that had no idea it was there until after the fact.'

Besides keeping the weed bar separate from the actual reception, the couple researched the legalities of serving marijuana.

According to the state's Oregon Measure 91, such an event was legal so long as they were on private property and there was no alcohol being served.

They also could not have more than the legal limit of eight ounces of pot on the premises.

Both were doable, they determined, and well worth it.

'The oldest person in the tent was an 81-year-old woman who hadn't smoked weed since the '60s,' Ellidge told The Huff Post.

'She loved it.'

But extra measures also had to be taken. It was the responsibility of the 'budtender' to ensure guests didn't smoke too much, and transportation to and from the wedding was provided for all guests.

Wedding planners Nora Sheils and Elizabeth Corr of Bridal Bliss said it was the first green wedding they had ever been involved with.

"We were worried that the tent might take away from the reception but it did the exact opposite,' Sheils told The Huff Post.

'Guests had a fun time and ended up dancing the night away, just like any other wedding.'

As the reception drew to a close, trays of french fries and pastries were brought out for people who suddenly found themselves hungry.

For more photos, visit the website of the wedding photographer, Jessica Hill Photography.