CISOCA head explains why it took 18 months to charge Don Creary with rape

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don-creary-again.jpgThe head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), Enid Ross-Stewart, has explained the reason for the 18-month period between the initial report against former politician Don Creary and the preferring of charges against him.

Ross-Stewart was summoned to court today by Resident Magistrate Simone Wolf-Reece.

The CISOCA boss explained that since the matter originated in St Mary, police investigators had to do investigations in that parish as well as St Andrew.

Ross-Stewart also said there was nothing untoward in the course of the investigation.


On Friday, Wolfe Reece demanded that Ross-Stewart appear in court to explain the delay in bringing the matter before the court after hearing that in 2013 Creary and co-accused Shaneke Williams took a 15-year-old female complainant to an apartment in St Mary, where she was allegedly given alcoholic beverages and sexually assaulted.

The court was told that the complainant first gave a statement to the police in March 2014 and a second on September 3 this year.