British PM David Cameron accused of putting genitals in dead pig's mouth

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david-cameron-and-lord-ashcroft.jpgBritish Prime Minster David Cameron is trending on Twitter, but not for a good reason.

The hashtag #piggate has gone viral because of a new biography about Cameron, which says he once put his genitals in the mouth of a dead pig.

The inflammatory book titled Call Me Dave, was written by Lord Anthony Ashcroft, a former friend and treasurer of David Cameron's ruling Conservative Party.

The book says while Cameron, 48, was a student at the prestigious Oxford University, he took part in an "outrageous" initiation ceremony to join a debauched group called the Piers Gaveston Society which required him to place his genitals in the mouth of a dead pig.

The book says the severed head of the dead pig was sitting on a club member's lap and Mr Cameron "inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal's mouth".

The book also alleges among other things,that Mr. Cameron smoked cannabis as a student, joining a "dope smoking group" called the Flam Club, and cocaine was allowed to circulate at the London home of him and wife Samantha.

The author, Lord Ashcroft, who is also the 37th richest man in the UK, made it clear in the book that he has "beef" with Cameron because he did not receive a top job in Cameron's government back in 2010 though he was promised that he would.

The biography is therefore seen as revenge by many Brits including Cameron's spokeswoman who said she's "not intending to dignify this book by offering any comment or any PM reaction to it."

She added that the author "has set out his reasons for writing it."