BARBADOS: JMMB to strengthen ties with Jamaicans

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sharon-gibson-jmmb-money.jpgSharon Gibson, general manager, Reggae Money Express (RME), the remittance arm of the Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) Group, during a recent courtesy call on Patrick Hanlan, Jamaican consul general in The Bahamas, expressed a desire to strengthen ties between Jamaican residents in that country and at home, through community outreach programmes.

Currently, a portion of the fees charged to send remittances from The Bahamas to Jamaica, using Omni Money Transfers, is donated to community outreach efforts, namely capacity building and equipment donations to health facilities in Jamaica, Gibson noted.

She added that RME is now in discussion with Omni and other key Jamaican/Bahamian stakeholders to establish outreach projects in The Bahamas that will also benefit Jamaicans in that country. Plans are also being made to establish a scholarship fund with Omni, RME, and other key stakeholders Gibson revealed.

In speaking to the impact of outreach efforts, Harvey Morris, managing director of Omni Money Transfers, said, "Outreach programmes provide a helping hand to our clients and their families, are essential to strengthening the fabric of our Bahamian/Jamaican communities."

Reggae Money Express services the Jamaican remittance corridor in The Bahamas, through its partnership with Omni, acts as a bridge in uplifting and enriching the lives of many persons in Jamaica and the Bahamas, who rely on injections of funds to sustain their livelihood.