Another rape charge for Don Creary? What a prekeh!

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don-creary-again.jpgReliable sources had confirmed to YardFlex last week that socialite, and former Jamaica Labour Party Councillor, Don Creary, was about to face a second rape charge in less than a week.

"Is a Bill Cosby ting it look like," the YardFlex source stated, adding thatanother woman had come forward with a new set of accusations against the married socialite and father of four.

One online portal has also revealed that their law enforcement sources had confirmed that a woman with whom Don Creary reportedly had a relationship has given a statement alleging that she was raped by him.

Now, this is really what you call, "What a prekeh!"

We have 'observed' (pun intended) also that a particular media house has caried the first story on the rape charge and has not carried any subsequent reports on the matter. We are told that it's called "having friends in high places".

Resident Magistrate Simone Wolfe- Reece was told by Police investigators that Don Creary is likely to have another matter to address before Wednesday.