'A me look Chin, not Chin look me,' says Gullly Bop

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gully-bop-and-shauna-chin-photo-1.jpgGully Bop has come out in support of his fiancee, Shauna 'Miss Chin' Chin, following an attempt by MC Nuffy to mix dem and blend dem. Nuffy has acused Chin of being a gold-digger.

According to Gully Bop, Miss Chin is with him because of love. Gully Bop explains that he was the one who pursued a relationship with Chin and not the other way around.

The fast rising internet sensation further explained that life on the road can be ugly. Gully Bop shares an incident which took place on Monday night with a promoter who refused to pay him.

Gully Bop who bitterly parted with his Heavy D led management team early last month, is currently doing a string of events in the United States.