4 men including two Columbians get 15 year-sentence for drug trafficking

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Four men including two Colombians were convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 15 months in prison when they appeared before the St Mary Criminal Court on Thursday.

Juan Jiminez and Milieth Arreyalos along with Jamaicans, Dwight Whyte and Norman Brown, were convicted more than three years after they were arrested for major drug trafficking in Jamaican waters.

The authorities seized more than 200 pounds of cocaine worth more than J$130 million in their possession. The Colombians and Jamaicans were arrested on December 18, 2011, by members of the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard.

Prosecutors say Coast Guard personnel were conducting an operation off the coast of Port Maria, St. Mary when they intercepted two vessels.The four men, who were on board a disabled vessel, were seen throwing a barrel into the sea.The barrel was retrieved and 90 packages with 204 pounds of cocaine seized.

In addition to jail time, the men were each fined J$500-thousand .They will serve an additional year behind bars if the fines are not paid.