Usain Bolt 'floured' in Beijing on his birthday

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usain-bolt-floured-on-b-day.jpgHappy Birthday Usain! Track star Usain Bolt had a typical Jamaican celebration of his 29th birthday on Friday.

The Trelawny native was dusted with flour in Beijing, China, where he and other Jamaican athletes are awaiting the start of the 15th IAAF World Championships inside the Bird's Next Stadium.

Bolt tweeted a picture of himself covered in flour.

"Ni Hao from Beijing-China on my Birthday," he posted on Twitter.

"Can u believe the youth them flour me? Only Jamaicans #GiveThanks #Blesssed."

The last time Bolt competed in China in 2008, the birthday song was played in the stadium as he took to the track.