TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Greater fire power for cops

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greater-fire-power-for-trini-cops.jpgThe Trinidad & Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is beefing up the fire power of its personnel.

The Police Service recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with a firm to equip all police officers with some of the latest hi-tech guns to match the fire power of some of the criminals they are now confronting.

The Trinidad Guardian has reported that two of the main guns to be purchased include the SIG (Zig )PRO and the SIG (ZIG) Sauer P226 Pistol.

The latter-will be assigned to every "ordinary" police officer in the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service, while the SIG PRO will be assigned to officers in the Special Branch Unit.

According to the newspaper, Special Branch has already been issued with new firearms. That particular weapon is used by counter-terrorism specialist firearms officers

Social and Welfare Association President Anand Ramesar said the acquisition of new guns for officers was long overdue.

Mr. Ramesar told the Trinidad Guardian that the Association has been clamouring for this change for a long time, and gave his total endorsement and support to the Commissioner of Police on the initiative.

He said some of the guns being used by the TTPS date as far back as the early 1970s.