Reggae singer critiques his own performance

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Iley Dread (Chardavid) in performance at the JAMBANA™ One World Festival held August 2 and 3 in Toronto, Canada.

It's certainly not the norm for artistes to admit that they are disappointed with their own performance on stage and give themselves a "scrape through" grade without blaming everybody but themselves. However, reggae singer Iley Dread (Chardavid) gave an honest assessment after his performance at the international JAMBANA™ One World Festival held August 2 and 3 in Toronto, Canada.

Speaking with the press after his much anticipated debut at the Markham Fair Grounds, Ontario, the "Lovers Holiday" singer said, "I was disappointed in my performance." He added, "And I have no-one to blame but myself. The fact is that owing to logistics a rehearsal with the backing band was not scheduled, but I should have insisted or work out an alternative with the producers of the event. Although I was backed by what is undoubtedly one of the best bands out of Jamaica, it's imperative to have a rehearsal, especially if you have not worked with that particular band for many years," he explained.

There was no doubt in anybody's mind that Iley Dread (Chardavid) was on a mission to make his debut an impressive one. Armed with three back-up singers and nattily attired, the dreadlocked entertainer admitted that he was still on a high from a great performance two weeks prior at Toronto's Polson Pier, where he shared stage with the Messenjah, Luciano. The Jambana stage was set, the fans were ready and added to that senior reps from his New York-based record company, VP Records, were in attendance. However, once he touched the stage he was challenged with technical issues. He and his backup singers were unable to hear their vocals on the stage monitors added to which the synergy with the band was not at its optimum. Experience dictated that he cut his set short and make his stage exit while the crowd was still showing appreciation.

Undaunted, the singer, whose next performance is at 'JAMAICA DAY' in Ontario August 29, says there'ss a "lesson to be learned here" and wants to share with other Reggae performers. "It is very important not only to rehearse your show but also have your own sound engineer on your team who does a proper sound check and knows Reggae music performed on a live stage very well.," he advised, noting that his next concert will see him backed by his own Hard Core Band.

Iley Dread (Chardavid) thanked show promoters to Jones & Jones and VP Records for keeping the reggae fire blazing. He concluded, "The weekend was full of good music, good people and good food."