Reasoning, Dance For Garvey Lecture

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marcus-garvey-photo-1.jpgOn Monday, August 17, Liberty Hall will host the annual Marcus Garvey Lecture, in collaboration with the Jamaica Music Museum. It takes the form of a reasoning session and dance named Reviving the Beat: Liberty Hall as Blues Dance Hall. It will be held at 76 King Street, downtown Kingston, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Research reveals that 76 King Street was a venue for dances from as early as 1939 and well into the 1960s and '70s, as well as a venue for boxing.

Niney the Observer, John Bird and many others, including women, will tell their stories about dances they attended at Liberty Hall, as well as the professional boxing matches that were held there.

The reasoning session will be moderated by director/curator of the Jamaica Music Museum, Herbie Miller and Dr Carolyn Cooper from the UWI, Mona campus.

Director/curator of Liberty Hall, Dr Donna McFarlane, is urging everyone who remembers coming to Liberty Hall 'back in the day' to come back and share stories of their time at the venue, in particular the music they came to hear, how long the dances lasted and their preparation to attend.

She said it is important for the archives to have information about what Liberty Hall was like as a dance venue; the connection between Garvey, Liberty Hall, and reggae's development; and the important role 76 King Street played in the life of downtown Kingston, even after Garvey's death in 1940. The reasoning will be professionally recorded and made available to users of the library.