Mackie Conscious covers OMI's Billboard hit song

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mackie-conscious.jpgIt is definitely not the norm for Jamaican artistes to do covers of songs by other Jamaicans, but they will eagerly jump and do covers of songs from R&B and other genres.

Well, it seems like singer Mackie Conscious is about to change all of that.

He has teamed up with DJ Ignite from Montego Bay to cover the OMI Bilboard number one song Cheerleader.

According to Mackie: "So many times artist we in Jamaica cover the big Foreign songs. To date there are several covers of the Sam Smith Song Thinking out loud by Jamaican artistes. I think it is time we start covering our own."

So Mackie did just that. So far the response has been encouraging, even though there are some persons who believe that it's somehow wrong.

Hop Mackie will get the airplay and the support that he deserves.