Little Hero set to score with new song

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little-hero.jpgMany people know Little Hero as a hardcore deejay who has been on the scene from the days of Courney Cole and the Roof talent show in Ocho Rios,St Ann.

Well since over 20 years now Little Hero have charted several hits to his credit.One thing for sure is that he wanted to have a few hits by the end of 2015. So far he have recently released three songs which look likely to put him in the limelight.

The songs are Born as a Husler,Hold On,and Love Life. All these songs are getting heavy rotation on all major radio stations across Jamaica.Over the years he has released songs such as Inna De Ghetto,No More War and Prayer Time, all popular songs which caused him to tour England,USA and several Caribbean islands.

Christened Paul Gayle ,he hails from Farm Town in St Ann and is loved by many due to his easy going style.