Joe Jackson, 87, suffered 3 heart attacks and stroke after taking 3 viagra pills

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joe-jackson.jpgAccording to International Business Times on Wednesday, Joe Jackson reportedly suffered three heart attacks and a stroke after taking three Viagra pills. It was reported that while he was in Brazil to celebrate his birthday he was hospitalized the day before his $200,000 birthday party, which he did not attend. However, the party went on based on his request.

The 87-year-old patriarch of the Jackson family reportedly arrived in Brazil two weeks before his scheduled birthday party. He had been partying at numerous bars and restaurants since his arrival and was seen drinking and being with young Brazilian women. Mercury News reported that Jackson was also spotted in a part of the city known for low-rent prostitution.

On July 26, the night before his party, he mixed three Viagra pills with Brazilian sugarcane rum and other cocktails and ended up in the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His doctors determined he had suffered three heart attacks. The first one lasted 10 seconds, and the other two were four seconds each. He also suffered a stroke associated with cardiac arrhythmia. Jackson was fitted with a pacemaker. His health had improved enough for him to be released from the hospital on Tuesday, Aug. 4. He is recovering in Sao Paulo.