GUYANA: Musicians to seek airplay quota from government

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Musicians in Guyana are seeking modern copyright laws and a 50 percent quota for local music on the state-owned radio station.

The Guyana Music Network (GMN) made its intentions clear at a meeting on Tuesday evening where GMN founder, Burchmore Simon, said he would seek a meeting with President David Granger and ask for an increase in the number of hours that Guyanese music is played on the radio stations run by the National Communications Network (NCN).

Eddy Grant, who was born in Guyana, was also in attendance and called on musicians to picket NCN to pressure the company into giving airplay to locally produced music and to persuade the Minister of Culture to support the playing of Guyanese music.

He urged the musicians to see themselves as a powerful and influential constituency who can decide the outcome of a general election.