Ganja brownies anyone?

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ganja-brownies.jpgBaker of the ganja brownies, Yah I is thankful for the "liberation" of the marijuana, with recent amendments to the law allowing persons to carry a small amount of the herb without being arrested.

The baker, artist, community motivator, and herbalist who hails from Lodge in St Ann is now seeking to make his ganja brownies into a profitable business venture.

"We have a recipe (just like how Kentucky has their secret recipe) wha we naa give to nobody until we set up an entity with a licence and labelled name. We're in the process of working on it," Yahi I said of his marijuana-flavoured brownies.

"Brownie is a cake that is made from the manifestation of the marijuana, which is transformed into oil, and we combine the oil with the chocolate. We buy Danish chocolate, or French vanilla, or cherry, and we integrate those and make an awesome taste," Yah I explained to Rural Xpress.

Yah I describes the brownie as a "happy cake" that is marketed for adults 18 years and over and which is good for the body.

"We have been eating all our lives just to fill our stomach. Now, the brownie cake is also for filling, but it leaves the internal atmosphere with a happy feeling. We're now having a happy food, so we call it the happy cake."

"We have elders with epilepsy, elders with chronic pain, elders with asthma, who are endorsing the cake and having release (relief) full time. So we give thanks that we could represent these things in this time and represent Rastafari."

Most of his support, however, reportedly comes from visitors who travel through Lodge to reach White River Valley, where attractions such as Wata Land and Blue Hole are located.