Dominican Reggae singer, Nelly Stharrre is dead

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nelly-stharre.jpgNelly Rafoul, a Dominican reggae artiste who uses the stage name "Nelly Stharre" is dead.

She was found dead in the parish of Saint Paul, Dominica yesterday. Rafoul was 41 years old. It has been confirmed that Stharre's burnt remains were among two bodies discovered.

Stharre who is Rastafarian, was married to a Jamaican national with whom she has children. She also lived in Kingston, Jamaica for several years.

Stharre comes from the school of other notable Dominican reggae artistes such as Nasio Fontaine and Reggae Cowboy and her musical message is shaped by the circumstances resulting from The Dread Act.

She performed on the talent stage of the festival, an alternate stage which provides entertainment during band changes on the main stage - where she delivered her original, Moon Men and Life Goes On, and a critically well received version of Peter Tosh's Old Vampire.