Weddy Weddy anniversary Wednesday

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weddy-weddy.jpgOn Wednesday, the popular weekly party known as Weddy Weddy will create history when it celebrates its 11th anniversary.

A special anniversary party to commemorate the momentous occasion is in the works.

Set for the Stone Love Headquarters on Burlington Avenue in Kingston, the celebration will be hosted by Stone Love's selector Geefus and will feature the 'Immortal Sound' Stone Love, along with Digital Chris, Boom Boom and the legendary Bass Odyssey, who will celebrate their 26th anniversary on August 8.

Not only will patrons enjoy the musical selections when veteran DJs Rory and Billy Slaughter hit the turntables, but they will also be treated to a live show which will feature several guest artistes, including the 'energy god' Elephant Man.

This year's event will also boast an awards ceremony. "The awards are really Stone Love's way of saying thanks to our loyal patrons who have supported Weddy Weddy over the years. At this year's anniversary, we will be presenting even more awards," said Stone Love boss Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell.

Among the awards to be presented are the Best Supporter Award, sponsored by Cheap Monday Promotions, Male Dancer of the Year, Female Dancer of the Year, Best Slang Award, Best Dance Moves, Selector of the Year, the Bogle Award, Best New Selector and Most Improved Selector. Miss Weddy Weddy will also be crowned at the event.

Weddy Weddy is now the only street dance to pass the 10-year mark in the Corporate Area. The event was started by Elephant Man, Wee Pow and iconic dancer Bogle and has managed to survive all the trials which faced the hard-core dancehall scene in recent times.