Warrior King compared to Bob Marley

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warrior-king-europe.jpgOne of the secrets to a successful career in show business is the degree of care and respect that the artiste shows for the main body of people who can make or break his concert - the audience. And reggae singer Warrior King is only too well aware of this. So much so that his manager, Mark Miller, the man who was also reggae icon Bob Marley's stage manager and ex-Wailers Band business manager, has had huge words of praise for Warrior King's treatment of his audience.

Speaking about the just-concluded tour of Europe, Miller noted, "The reaction from the music fans to Warrior King has been absolutely phenomenal. Everywhere we performed on this run had people singing along with the Warrior King tracks, encouraging King in his performance, and letting us know how much they love their hero, Warrior King. His command of the stage and the audience is amazing. Not since I worked with Bob Marley have I seen an artiste who cares as much as King about his audience."

However, as Warior King pointed out, "it's just a natural flow". He added, "I have to let every person in that audience know how grateful I am that they chose to spend their hard-earned euro/dollar to pay for a ticket to see me perform. When you stand on stage and look out and see a sea of people, it is a humbling experience. Not everybody out there came to see me, but they all bought a ticket to see an entertainer. They could have spent their money on something else. So I have to give thanks and give the best show that I can possible give every single time I hold a mic and jump on a stage."

The tour, which kicked off on June 12, included stops in France. Austria, Germany and the UK.