TRINIDAD: Abu Bakr detained in murder of prominent lawyer

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abu-bakr.jpgYasin Abu Bakr, the leader of the Jamaat Al Mulimeen group that staged an unsuccessful coup in 1990, has been detained in connection with the murder of prominent attorney Dana Seetahal, according to media reports here on Monday.

The reports said that Bakr, 73, had been taken from his home on Monday morning, by police as they continue their probe into the assassination of Seeathal on May 4, last year.

One radio station reported that Bakr had questioned the police who staged the pre-dawn raid on his home in search of guns and ammunition and was told that his detention is in relation to the murder of the former president of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

Seeathal was killed as she drove to her apartment in the capital. Two vehicles are reported to have pulled alongside her causing her to come to a stop and the occupants fired several bullets at her, hitting her in the head and chest.

The police have so far issued no statement regarding the arrest of Bakr, who in 1990 led more than 100 men in an attack on the Trinidad and Tobago parliament in a bid to unseat the then ANR Robinson administration. Bakr also refused to appear before a Commission of Inquiry that probed the circumstances surrounding the failed coup.

In February this year, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) distanced itself from media reports that at least six people would have been charged in connection with her murder. In a statement, the TTPS said that the reports in the media 'are inconsistent with the progress of the investigation thus far and manifest obvious distortions with material facts of the case".

The TTPS said it "considers it extremely irresponsible the naming of any officer/individual from any agency or organisation who may or may not be assisting with the investigation".