Things not so IRIE

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irie-fm-logo.jpgWife: Ziekel

Ziekel: Irie

Enquiring minds are asking if everything all right over at Mass Ziekel place in St. Ann. Word on the street is that things really not so Irie.

According to reliable YardFlex sources, the managing director and a relative of late owner, Mr Young, are now involved in a court battle over ownership of the Irie place.

The woman has been removed from her post as Managing Director, while the relative has been in stalled, pending the outcome. AS our source explained: "When Chad (Mr Young's son) passed away, this person came forward with papers to prove that Chad had followed his father's instructions and had will 50% of the entity to her. She then set up herself and had a team of people who she rewarded for their loyalty by putting them in key positions. She even promoted an accounting clerk from the department where she worked previously to a very senior position and also made him a Board member."

However, it looks like her deck of cards have come tumbling down. The GM has been ousted while the law takes time to scrutinise the will and then will decide, if Chad, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, was in a sound mind when the will was written.

They are also seeking to determine of the will is a true and valid copy.

YardFlex will keep you posted.