Shane Brown could sue Busy Signal

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busy-signal-dancehall-artiste.jpgShane Brown through his Juke Boxx Productions is threatening legal action following claims made by dancehall deejay, Busy Signal, last week. Busy Signal says he was unaware of the monies owed and is requesting a copy of the contractual agreement between Juke Boxx Production and Trinidad's Peppers Entertainment after he was arrested in that Caribbean country recently.

In the mild threat of a defamation lawsuit Juke Boxx Production states that "invalidated accusations can be defamatory for which individual/s can be held liable through the courts as a consequence."

In the release, Juke Boxx Production claims that "after the separation of Busy Signal from the Shane Brown led company, all documents relating to Busy's business affairs, and future contractual obligations were turned over to his new management, including the deposit from Peppers Entertainment."

The release further states that "it is rather strange, that Busy Signal and his new management team claim ignorance of this issue, when all details and amounts collected on their behalf were handed over to them. It is also our understanding that they chose to refund a portion of the deposit collected to the Promoter."

Meanwhile, Busy Signal says he stands by his initial statement that he was unaware of any contractual agreement with Peppers Entertainment and is requesting that Juke Boxx Productions provide all the documents of the contractual agreement.