Not even a trickle at Raheem Sterling's Summer Splash

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raheem-sterling-photo-1.jpgLiverpool's Jamaican born football star, Raheem Sterling, may possess great ball management skills but on Saturday he didn't get it quite right with the local police.

The footballer is currently in the island during the premier league off season and had planned a Summer Splash party at a park at Reapers Road in his hometown of Marverly.

However, the splash became a trickle as police from the St Andrew South Division descended on the affair and stopped the party before the first decibel came through the speaker boxes.

It was reported that Sterling and his party organisers had not applied for a permit from the cops and they would have none of it.

When reporters arrived at the venue after midnight, it was empty and only the strains of Little Lenny's 'Gun Inna Baggy' could be heard coming a car stereo.

When questioned as to the reason the party was not in full swing, one resident replied,

"Bad management. Police come lock it off."