NFL player visits Jamaica for sister's wedding, complains about smell of ganja

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nfl-player.jpgOver the weekend, Brandon Marshall found himself in a bit of a hazy situation. In Jamaica for his sister's wedding, Marshall wasn't necessarily partaking in any sort of activities that could get him suspended, but that didn't stop him from worrying about his next drug test.

According to Marshall, Jamaica smells like Denver, where smoking marijuana is legal. Naturally, Marshall got worried about being in the presence of all that marijuana, because if it were to show up in his next drug test, he'd most likely be facing a suspension. And let's face it, Geno Smith and the Jets are kind of in need of Marshall's services.

So, of course, Marshall tweeted about it to keep us all in the loop.

And then, perhaps getting paranoid, Marshall decided he didn't want to hide anything from the NFL. So, he then tweeted at the league and asked for its help in dealing with his situation.

The NFL did not, however, reply to Marshall's tweet, leaving Marshall's situation hazier than ever.