Minister Lisa Hanna and son attend official summit in Germany, but she bought his ticket

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lisa-hanna-son-airport-jul-3.jpgYouth and Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna is in Germany attending the 39th Session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee, along with her son Alex.

She shared a photo of herself with an obviously happy Alex in Germany with the caption, "No we still haven't got our luggage so we have been in the same clothes haven't had the time to go and get anything. This was not how I imagined it... But I have my biggest supporter with me so happy he is here we are keeping hope alive and Before anyone comes to any conclusions... I PAID FOR MY SON'S TICKET and other expenses to come with me to Germany not the GOJ!!!"

The two witnessed the historic moment of the Blue and John Crow Mountains being placed on the prestigIous UNESCO World Heritage List.