It's summer so watch out for these 'Epic Fail' swimsuits

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epic-fail-swin-suits-photo-1.jpgFrom a woman wearing a bikini made from sweets, to overweight men attempting to pull of a mankini, be sure to take heed of the snaps before making your beach debut.

epic-fail-swin-suits-photo-2.jpgThe vast majority of the snaps show men wearing bikinis as they bask in the summer rays.

epic-fail-swin-suits-photo-3.jpgOne man can be seen nonchalantly strolling along the beach in a bold pink two-piece, whilst another man appears to be styling himself as a woman in a rainbow striped bikini.

epic-fail-swin-suits-photo-4.jpgTwo male holidaymakers showcase their rippling abs and honed arms in triangle bikini tops teamed with boxer shorts. One man can be seen enthusiastically twirling wearing a string bikini teamed with a yellow sarong.

epic-fail-swin-suits-photo-5.jpgElsewhere on the page, a well-endowed woman can be seen fashioning a bikini out of sweets, whilst another has seemingly constructed swimwear using her old CDs.

There's also plenty of shots of women in thongs and a picture of a woman wearing a bikini top made somewhat distastefully with two hands.

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