Cops says Tommy Lee is a gangsta; block him from performing on Sumfest and other shows

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tommy-lee-photo-10-simplified.jpgThe police have stated that dancehall deejay Tommy Lee poses a threat to the lives of persons attending stage shows because there are elements out there who want to kill the artiste. Tommy Le, the cops say, is a gangsta and as a result they are not giving permission for him to perform on shows in certain parishes.

The authorities believe that the presence of Tommy Lee Sparta may bring violence to any venue in which he makes an appearance, which could have grim consequences for unsuspecting persons.

"We told the promoters of the event that we are not prepared to police the event with Tommy Lee on it because of the danger that he brings to the whole event and what can happen if he is associated," said Senior superintendent of police (SSP) in charge of the St James Division, Steve McGregor. "Not only performing, but being in the parish, because other gangs are after him to kill him."

McGregor further stated that as a result of the nature of the event, the police where forced to ask Reggae Sumfest organisers to pull the artiste from the line-up. Tommy Lee Sparta is expected to be questioned by authorities sometime this week.

"With the amount of people, the movement of the people also, we told the organisers to pull him from the event," SSP McGregor said. "His management called us, and we told them about the danger that he faces to be in the parish, as also the event. He is slated to come in to see us next week. He is told to come in with his lawyer."

SSP McGregor explained, "There are two gangs in Flankers that are at each other: the Sparta and the Rebel Gang. It's serious, because eight people have been murdered and numerous shootings have occurred relative to that issue. We told him that it is very dangerous to him to be anywhere in Area One."

On Thursday, Tommy Lee Sparta apologised to fans because he would not be taking the Sumfest stage.

"To my loyal Fans and Friends! I regret to inform you that I will not be performing at Reggae Sumfest tonight because the Police High Command has refused me permission on stage! This act is in breach of the Charter of Rights and Constitution of Jamaica. How can the police prevent a citizen from engaging legitimate employment! My Attorney-at-law will be filing action in the Supreme Court for financial compensation! I was ready to explode tonight," he said in the Instagram post.