Contortionist Bruck Up is back and ready to break out with new single 'Cry'

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bruck-up-illuminated.jpgRemember the charismatic dancer/contortionist/comedian from the era of the nineties who went by the fascinating name Bruck Up? Yes, the same one who was also known as Mr. Puff-Up Face and whose amazingly original antics introduced loads of genuine entertainment and a bag of laughter into the Jamaican dancehall.

Well, believe it or not, Bruck Up - who is credited with creating the dance move of the same name which snaked its way into the States and found much favour there - has returned. And this time around, he's not only dancing his way into the hearts of his fans, he's doing more ... much more. Songwriter and recording artiste George "Bruck Up" Adams is now focused on moving the masses as he leads off summer 2015 with his scorching hot single "Cry", a dancehall anthem produced by Teetimus and which features Fr3e. The song is already getting much love in the States and disc jocks in Jamaica have shown their appreciation for this authentic, edgy, dancehall single which praises the female body.

Admittedly, Bruck Up has been off the local scene in Jamaica for a minute, but don't be fooled into thinking that this ever evolving bundle of creativity and talent has been silent. He has been on a wonderful journey of exploration and creativity, honing his talents amongst hip hop and dancehall royalty and patiently carving out his own particular niche in the US.

The celebrated entertainer, who is the nephew of Professor Nuts, has strategically expanded his horizons and is now a full fledged performing and recording artiste, skillfully crossing that invisible iron barrier into a variety of genres and fusing them into an entity that can perhaps best be described as 'world music'. Now signed to Gone Green Entertainment, a multi-cultural outfit based in the States, Bruck Up is finally on his way to unearthing and sharing his full potential.

"The truth is that Bruck Up has been dancing around his talent - literally and figuratively - and the time has come for him to own up to his singjaying and song-writing skills in a bigger way," a member of his management team, Gone Green Entertainment, explained.

With over 600 songs already written and a dozen or two releases that have made music critics stop in their tracks and pay keen attention - including the collaborative single with Shaggy Sunglasses (Keep Your Shades On) - Bruck Up, who has worked with talents like Crystal Waters, Arrow, Jerry Wunda, Lil' Kim, Scott Storch, Rockwilder, Teddy Riley, Jay Marty, TrainLine, Raekwon, Louie Rankin, Mavado, Melanie Fiona, Rupee, and Lumidee, is ready to rumble.

As Bruck Up declares, "I started in dancehall. The only thing that makes sense is to bring it back to where it started, and take it into the future. I've always been different-and my music is too. I've got no limitations. To Da Moon, baby!"