Bamson's Guh Tell Yu Madda' added to BBC 1Xtra's playlist

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bamson-guh-tell-yuh-muma-official.jpgInternet sensation Bamson is poised to collect his first set of royalties. His controversial single, 'Guh Tell Yu Madda', has been added to the BBC 1Xtra's playlist.

Guh Tell Yu Madda, in its explicit form, went viral on social media after comedian Trabass posted a video of Bamson performing the song.

The video showed the artiste harmonising a popular Jamaican curse phrase, using a bucket to provide a beat.

The video was shared over 100,000 times on Facebook and was later brought to the attention of local producer Gutty Bling of Claims Records, also credited for discovering Gully Bop.

Impressed by the footage, Claims Records swiftly signed the artiste and officially produced the song.

According to Gutty Bling, Guh Tell Yu Madda's addition to BBC 1Xtra's playlist means the artiste and record label will stand to benefit financially from airplay.

"Dem love di song overseas, I blasted it and dem just decide to add it to the library and run wid it. It is a good look for us because that means royalties will come from that. It's not like out here, those people work with strict music libraries," he said.

The producer also said the label plans to amp up promotions for the song, locally, in an attempt to capitalise on summer festivities.

"We have been getting several dubplate requests, and we are on local radio stations comfortably. We have also been performing at events and we are looking to do much more to increase the reach of the song," he told THE weekend STAR.

With requests coming in from the Caribbean and Canada, Bamson says he is thankful for the overnight success.