Are Alkaline's tattooed eyes real or fake?

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alkaline-eyes-tattoo.jpgThis week, a number of photos showing dancehall artiste Alkaline minus his tattooed eyes started making the rounds on the Internet, prompting a return to the speculation that the tattoos were really a fake.

In one of the photos, Alkaline is seen posing, a towel over his head, with a young boy, presumably a family member.

YardFlex was unable to get a comment from Alkaline, but according to his management, the pictures were "photoshopped".

"If you look closely on the photo, you will realise that they were taken over a year ago, Alkaline's image looks nothing like that, that picture was taken long before his transformation...the hairstyle was from sometime last year, if you look on his Instagram, he was just on a show in St Lucia, his hair is locked now, him ras up. The new photos going around are obviously photoshopped by malicious people trying to hurt his image," a member of Alkaline's management team said.