ANTIGUA: Reggae singer Causion to release album after tragedy

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causion.jpgAtiguan singer Causion says his next album is the most heartfelt he has done since he began recording over 20 years ago.

To be released late this year, The Mission in Progress will be the artiste's fifth album. The set contains the song Faith, which Fort Lauderdale-based Causion wrote and recorded two years ago when he was going through 'traumatic times'.

"My mother died in New York from cancer and it was a very tough time. Faith is saying, 'no matter what the grief we have to move on'," he said.

Causion lost his father one year earlier, also to cancer. Faith, like most of The Mission in Progress, is co-produced by Causion and Maurice Gregory, keyboardist with Third World.

That band's guitarist Stephen 'Cat' Coore and bass player Richie Daley, also contributed to The Mission in Progress. Causion opened for Third World on their recent tour of the United States West Coast.

Known as 'Antigua's Reggae Ambassador', Causion is from the English Harbour area of Antigua. His previous album, Stella's Kid, was released in 2010.