Trinidad: Jack Warner kicks UK reporters out of his office

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jack-warner-photo-1.jpgThe media frenzy surrounding former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner continued on Sunday as a reporter from UK news station Channel 4 was asked to leave his office.

Jonathan Rugman and his camera crew went to Warner's constituency office on Sunday to question him over an alleged US$10 million bribe.

Rugman was curious as to why they couldn't question him and stood in his office to film the video, while Warner sat in silence behind him.

"We've been given permission to film Jack Warner in his constituency office this morning but we've been told we cant ask him any questions, we can't ask, for example, whether he was part of a scheme to receive $10 million in bribes to rig the location of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, that is the allegation," he said.

In response Warner asked that they respect his privacy, eventually becoming exasperated and stood up at his desk, while his security asked the Channel 4 team to leave.