Portland Jerk Festival July 3

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portland-jerk-festival-june.jpgThe 15th staging of the Portland Jerk Festival has been announced for Sunday, July 5, at Folly Grounds in Port-Antonio.

The 2015 staging of the event will be sponsored by Best Dressed Chicken promises to please local and international food lovers with a healthy dose of jerk cuisine complemented by music, arts and quality entertainment.

This year the festival will feature local chefs putting their own spin on classic jerk dishes as well as gourmet presentations. The festival will also feature internationally renowned Chef Judson Todd Allen, also known as the 'Architect of Flavour', who is expected to give his own take and ideas about Jamaica's infamous jerk flavour. Allen is widely known and respected in the world of culinary arts for his mission to get people thinking innovatively about healthier foods with bold flavours. The Portland Jerk Festival is expected to give him another platform on which he can speak, as many Jamaicans would know, jerk is bold.

The festival continues to attract visitors to the North-Eastern coast of the island for a melting pot of Jamaican culture, with the main attraction being the jerk cuisine. Portland also provides a unique edge to the festival as it is considered the birthplace of jerk and complements the cultural offerings with a venue that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

"The Portland Jerk Festival is an event which has always sought to capture the Jamaican culture and package it in a way that patrons can appreciate and enjoy thoroughly. This year will be no different, the cultural experience will be in every facet of the festival from the venue overlooking the sea to the music and entertainment and most definitely the food, which is after all, the main ingredient of the festival," said Kasey Bourne of 20/20 Vision Foundation, organisers of the Portland Jerk Festival.