Media personality Jodi-Ann Gray being trolled years after surviving gun shot drama while pregnant

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jodi-gray-and-baby-miracle.jpgJodi-Ann Gray, the former KOOL FM personality who survived a vicious gun attack while pregnant, says she will be deleting her social media account because of hate messages she has received.

Gray was shot three times - once in the face and twice in the shoulder - in April 2012 as she attempted to enter her Portmore, St Catherine home. She was seven months pregnant at the time of the attack. Her co-worker and former lover, Wayne Whyte, and another man were sentenced to 14 years in prison for the shooting.

The broadcaster, who now lives in the United States, later gave birth to a healthy baby girl who she named Miracle. However, she took to Instagram on Friday morning to announce that she was deleting her account because of "continuous hate messages" she has been receiving.

"Good morning everyone... I will be deleting my Instagram account today. Yesterday I had someone message me 'B!#@ you should a dead'... and I get continuous hate messages of that nature," Gray said, adding "We are all humans and after a while enough is enough!"

A married man, Whyte had a year-long affair with Gray during which the latter became pregnant. He told Gray to get an abortion but she refused. Whyte and his co-accused pleaded guilty to illegal possession of firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and shooting with intent after being held in a getaway car after the gun attack.

Gray alleges that she has gotten a lot of hate from Jamaicans "for whatever reason" since the incident and lamented the dark extremes of social media.

"I have always been a people person, very jovial and love life. those who know me can attest to that. With that being said, I realize social media can be extremely positive, for that and on the other hand very negative. In order to live a wholesome life sometimes we have to get rid of the negativity and I have gotten a lot of negativity from a lot of Jamaicans who for whatever reason chose to follow me and spew hate," she said.

Gray has - at the time of writing this article - yet to delete her Instagram account, but has made it private.