Mavado bashes his baby mother on Instagram; she hit right back at him

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mavado-photo-12.jpgMavado and the mother of one of his children got into a war of words on social media over child support after the singjay posted a photograph of his son on his Instagram page with a lengthy caption which reads in part "Love you son and you know dat when you grow older you will understand the world you live in how could a woman get so much money like $1500 to $2000 US monthly minimum every month from you entered this world."

Vado's baby-mother hit back with "Wow what a beautiful picture. You come around him once every 6 months for a 20 minutes visit and take 100 pix to post and all of a sudden you're the best father in the world."

She also challenged Mavado's claim of sending $1500-$2000US for their son stating that legal documents were filed due to the entertainer's nonpayment of child support.