Long time freakiness take over Dancehall, says Bad Boy Trevor

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bad-boy-trevor-photo-1.jpgDancehall King, Beenie Man, publicly scolded self-professed freak, Bad Boy Trevor, at a recent dance and accused him of "freaking out Dancehall and turning it into a go-go club."

This is Bad Boy Trevor's response: "I mean, it's no secret that people associate me with certain things, but why did he see it fit to say something right there, maybe it's because it's me," he said.

"Freakiness has been taking over dancehall for quite some time now, so why didn't he say something before and would he have said something if it was an Alkaline or another artiste?"

Trevor went on to say that he will be watching closely to see if Beenie Man continues to hold his views. He also commented on Kalado's support for Beenie Man's stance. "He was just riding on the bandwagon cause he was there all along watching everything and him neva say nuttin till Beenie Man say supmn."